• Be Wonderful Women's Workshops

A series of 'Empower Yourself' themed workshops offered by

'Be Wonderful Women'.

A sharing space for all women, all ages and all communities

As Founder and Director of Be Wonderful Women  we offer monthly empowering and wellbeing workshops for all women, of all ages and all communties.  Please feel free to view and enquire further if you an interest in attending or wish to book bespoke course,

Be Wonderful Women is a Portsmouth based organisation setup by women to offer all women the opportunity to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. These workshops will help you learn techniques to empower, motivate and inspire you on a journey towards personal growth and self-awareness.

What will you be experiencing? The workshop will incorporate elements of body work, discussions, useful tools and techniques in helping you to manage and improve your mental wellbeing. This will be interactive and explorative, based in an intimate, safe and calming space.

Please click here for Be Wonderful Women to book onto current and any forthcoming workshops.

To show an interest in booking their services, please fill in the enquiry form.

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