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Couples Therapy

During our relationships we are often confronted with difficult challenges.  Sometimes we cope by having the support of friends and family, or grappling alone through its ups and downs. 

There may be times too when you might feel that you need further assistance in opening up to whatever might be troubling you.  It is often at this time that individuals and couples seek the support of counselling. 

Relationship therapy and Couples therapy can help in addressing conflicts in relationships arising from repeated patterns or blocks, or if you have difficulty in establishing relationships. In gaining more of an understanding of our own relationship and help in improving aspects of your communication, the aim of which is to find an agreed way forward by all.

In order to facilitate change, I encourage openness and honesty between the parties.  I aim to offer compassion and balanced outlook to your concerns in a safe and supportive environment. 

Here is a guide for which some couples often seek help from therapy; Better and improved communication, parenting and family issues, stress, understanding of own self and their partners, fertility issues,  financial,  health issues, infidelity, sexual issues, building confidence and emotional and behavioural difficulties.

My role here is to help you:

  • Build better communication skills
  • Explore renewed ways of trusting each other
  • Problem solve together
  • Plan for the future

If you are in the process of separation and/or divorce, Couple’s therapy can help in easing this often difficult transition.

Please do contact me with any enquiries or to book an appointment.

Couple Counselling - £60 per hour / £80 for 1.5 hours