I am a qualified and experienced Integrative Counsellor, offering clinical supervision within the NHS and in private practice to all therapists (qualified and in training).

I have many years’ experience in working extensively with young people and adults through a variety of settings.

As a supervisor I recognise the importance of having a trusting, supportive and encouraging therapeutic relationship between supervisor and supervisee and note that this relationship is equally important in your personal and professional development as a therapist. 

Part of this supervisory relationship will be in encouraging you to develop your own way of working in building confidence, competency, skills and knowledge, leading to increased trust in your own process and deeper understanding of your work in your relationship with your client.

Whilst establishing your own practice as a therapist it is essential to feel accepted, valued, heard and understood and have a space for self-reflection.

My approaches are mainly integrative, incorporating psychodynamic and humanistic, recently using body work and creative elements within my practice.  I am continually growing as a therapist and furthering my practice into now more of trauma and childhood trauma experiences and the somatic experiences.  This has meant that I am incorporating this within my own practice and working more deeply into the impact on the holistic makeup of my clients and client work. 

I am registered with BACP I adhere to their ethical framework.

If you are in need of supervision please contact me to discuss your needs further.

Supervision offered - 

In-person; Telephone and Video linking (Zoom) 

Rates - £60 per hour - (1.5 hour - £90)